Yes, I finally started my Testing Tour - my Learning Tour inspired by Lisi Hocke. I have been following Lisi's Testing Tour. I still remember the day when I had my first conversation with her end of last year when she shared about her learning journey. I realised I had a very similar learning journey and challenges.

While I was still figuring out how to tackle my challenges, I got an opportunity to attend my first ever conference Test Bash Brighton 2019 which could have never been possible without the help from Angie Jones and Richard Bradshaw. The very first session I attended was by (can you guess who was it) Lisi Hocke about Cross-team Pair Testing: Lessons of a Testing Traveler. That story she shared really inspired me and I got some of the answers to the challenges I was facing in my learning journey. But still wasn't sure where and how to start from.

That's where I got even more lucky to have got a chance to pair with Lisi in one of the sessions related to #CodeConfident.

That was the first time I paired with someone outside my team. I had been a solo tester in my 4 years of a testing career which meant I never got a chance to learn or share with other testers in my team. This meant that I always had a fear and scare that I'm not a good tester.

Being on that session inspired me even more to start my own Testing Tour. I got even more luckier as I had got such an amazing and motivating Learning Partner Simon Berner after a very long search.

This is a little bit of a context of why I wanted to start my own Testing Tour or I would say it's my #LearningTour by pairing up. I had my goals of what I would like to achieve while being on this tour. My aim is not just to learn but also to share what I'm learning. My aim while being on this journey is to -

  • Become more confident tester while pairing up with different testers on different topics. 
  • Coming out of comfort zone whether its while pairing with known and unknown people, known or unknown topics or whether its about writing a blog about what I have learnt.
  • Share what I have been learning being on this journey.
  • Apply what I have learnt during this journey. 

  1. Testing Tour Stop #1: Strong Style Pairing with Maaret
  2. Testing Tour Stop #2 : Pairing with Amitai Schleier
  3. Testing Tour Stop #3 : Pairing Performance and Load Testing using JMeter with Mirjana 
  4. Testing Tour Stop #4 : Pair exploring all the Testability, Operability and Observability with Rob Meaney 
  5. Testing Tour Stop #5 : Exploring and pairing on AI and ML with Tariq King
  6. Testing Tour Stop #6 : Pairing on Roman Numerals Kata with Johnicholas
  7. Testing Tour Stop #7 : Pairing on Restful-Booker-Platform with Niranjani
  8. Testing Tour Stop #8 : Pair Exploring on Exploratory Testing with Simon Tomes
  9. Testing Tour Stop #9 : Pairing up on Sketchnoting with Marianne Duijst
  10. Testing Tour Stop #10 : Pairing up on Observability with Abby Bangser
  11. Testing Tour Stop #11 : Pair exploring on Test Strategy with Toyer

Would you like to pair with me, I would love to. Please DM me on twitter to schedule a session :)

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