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Monday, January 27, 2020

Testing Tour Stop #7 : Pairing up on Restful-Booker-Platform with Niranjani

It was the time for my next #TestingTour stop number 7 with Niranjani where we paired up on restful booker app. There were few amazing things about my learning partner :
  • I met my pairing partner at Hustesf Conference at Budapest in 2019
  • We both are Angie Jones mentees 
  • Niranjani as well is on her #TestingTour


We started off our session by cloning the restful-booker-platform from the github page and launched it in Eclipse IDE. 

Resftul-Booker-Platform cloned and opened in Eclipse IDE
Next steps was to check based on the requirements, if I have Maven, Node, NPM and JDK installed and which versions did I had.

So first we checked if I had NPM installed and if its already installed which version it was by running the command -- npm -version from command prompt. I had 6.12.0 version installed which was the required version for restful-booker-platform.

Next I had to check if I had maven installed by executing - mvn -version from command prompt again and I had Apache Maven 3.6.3 version and the requirement for restful-booker-platform was 3.6.2 so that was fine.

Then I checked if I had Node installed and the version if its installed by executing - node -v from command prompt. I had v12.13.0 which was as per the requirements. 

Now next step was to check Java and JDK , we faced lot of challenges here when we were trying to set this up as I had windows and Niranjani was used to Mac. It's weird that even the most common and simple thing gets challenging when we are trying really hard to complete something 😁
After all those challenges we were able to set up all the requirements Yay!! 
As I my laptop was running java version 8 we then went into pom.xml file of each service and changed the version for each of them to 8 and saved the changes to ensure the target version is 8.

Now next we were set to build the and check if its successfull so we executed the command build_locally.cmd . We had some failures here in fact it took quiet a lot of our time in trying to figure where the issue was and then trying to resolve it. Then we went back into each folder for each service and made sure the pom.xml had been changed to version 8 and all the changes had been saved. 
Then finally the build was successful and next we executed the command - run_locally.cmd. And this is what we were able to view on - http://localhost:8080/
We also tried to run end to end tests before the time was up for our session.


  • Being patient and going through each error at a time and try to resolve it. When I see loads of errors, I loose my patience and sometimes I try to give up on trying further. In this session Niranjani had so much patience to read each error and figure out what and where the problem was and then tried to resolve it.
  • When you cannot find a solution for the error try various ways to find it on Google. Google is your solution finder if we try to frame our questions well and try to find the answers. Not just that but try to use different answers to find the solution.
  • Niranjani was very well organised in following each step at a time and going through the readme file again and again if something wasnt clear while executing the commands.
  • Initially I was bit embarrased that I used the entire session for only setting up restful-booker-platform and dint use it for api testing or anything else. I realised that sessions might go in a different direction and not always as planned. But either ways the end goal was to pair up, learn, share and most importantly enjoy the session which we both did. 
It was really to great to pair with Niranjani to do this session. As I mentioned earlier if anyone is interested to pair with me or Niranjani as she as well is on her #TestingTour please reach out on twitter.